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We are fast and efficient

If you want to properly secure your company data, you need a partner that offers both speed and efficiency. Each day you fail to act and improve your security can result in losing money and trust of your customers – sometimes for good. We also believe that low-value security measures are nearly as dangerous as inaction – they lull you into a sense of false security and make your IT system easy prey for cybercriminals. That is why we offer a rapid response to your requests and proven methods of detecting vulnerabilities. 

Don’t just take our word for it – no amount of assurances will reduce the risk of your network being infiltrated or mobile devices being hacked. Even the best security procedures will not protect you from a database hack or a hostile takeover of your website or e-commerce site.  

All systems are safe only to the extent they have been tested. That is why we do what we do – we test whether it is possible for your confidential data to be stolen by cybercriminals. How? In the most reliable and concrete way – we try to break into your system on your behalf and under your control. This is what penetration testing is all about.  

We act like cybercriminals – with the exception that we never destroy or steal anything in the process. We want to assess the quality of your network, application and device security and prove it. If we manage to get in, so will the cybercriminals. If we do it first, you can protect your infrastructure and applications from an impending attack. After we finish our penetration test, you will receive a report with a list of all vulnerabilities found in the system and recommendations on how to fix them, addressed to the IT department and executives.  


We have many years of experience in the area of cybersecurity and penetration testing.


We tailor our activities to your exact needs. We do not offer any out-of-the-box solutions – you pay only for what you need.

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Our advantages

Wide experience
Wide experience

We have many years of experience in the area of cybersecurity and penetration testing. Our team of professionals holds industry-recognised certifications, including OSCP, CEH, GIAC GWEB and GIAC GCIH. We have detected hundreds of bugs in financial, e-commerce, insurance and healthcare applications. We detect vulnerabilities in CakePHP, Symfony, Spring, npm, Node.js, Django, C#, ASP.NET MVC and Visual Basic applications.


We do not have much of an administrative overhead, which allows us to quickly respond to any requests and questions. We will also share the relevant technical knowledge during our first meeting. We can also start working on your project within 24 hours of verifying the readiness of the environment that is going to be tested.


We tailor our activities to your exact needs. We do not offer any out-of-the-box solutions – you pay only for what you need. Our penetration testing reports never feature false positives – vulnerabilities that can never be used in an actual attack. We pride ourselves on only providing information about actual threats, making our services highly efficient and useful.


During the penetration test, we are at your disposal all the time. Once the audit is complete and you receive your final report, we can continue working together. We can share all the knowledge and details you need to handle the vulnerabilities we detect. We can also provide advice to your development teams to patch the identified vulnerabilities.


We are experts in the field of cybersecurity. We never subcontract any tasks – that is why we built a team of trusted specialists. We manage our projects personally and we do all we can to protect all the information and data provided by our Clients. Letting us test your company's systems never puts your data at any risk.

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How we work

Successfully delivering your project requires understanding your needs. That is why your first meeting is devoted to understanding your challenges and defining your goals. Once the challenges are identified, we provide initial solution proposals and a project timeline. The meeting is substantive, but does not require any commitment on your part – we are going to prepare the analysis free of charge. If you decide to go ahead and choose our services, you will receive a detailed quote. 

We proceed immediately upon approval of the proposed action plan and agreed audit scope and schedule. Before we start the penetration test, we collect information and prepare necessary tools. Then, we take stock of the areas selected for testing and develop a test strategy. The time and methods of collecting information depend on the testing model adopted and the scope of the application or system. 

We can start the actual penetration test the very next day after you prepare the environment. We use a variety of methods, but the goal is always the same – to breach security and gain unauthorised access to your application or system that we were tasked with testing. Our pentesters always try to exfiltrate data and breach security of your systems and applications. Once the exercise is complete, the tester gets rid of all the artefacts that can potentially be used by criminals 

We prepare a report that summarises the findings and conclusions from our pentest. In the report, you can find a detailed assessment of your security posture, as well as the list of all vulnerabilities found in the process. Each of them is carefully described and documented in great detail. The report also contains recommendations for corrective actions concerning each of the identified vulnerabilities. The first part of the report, intended for your IT department, features a technical description of the pentest. The second part, intended for the executive staff, highlights the potential harm, should one of these vulnerabilities be exploited by the criminals.  

The project can end with a retest, which we conduct after the Client implements the changes recommended in the report. We reassess the environment to determine whether changes to the source code and configurations were implemented correctly and have not resulted in new security vulnerabilities. This is one of the most crucial stages of the project, which determines the target resilience of your system. Depending on your needs, we can work with your IT department on making the necessary changes. 

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