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Cake Fuzzer

Introducing Cake Fuzzer – the ultimate web application security testing tool for CakePHP based web applications! With its powerful automation and specialized vulnerability detection, Cake Fuzzer can help you identify potential security flaws in your web applications quickly and easily. Plus, it’s open-source and customizable, making it a cost-effective and tailored solution for all your security testing needs. Don’t take any chances with your web application’s security – try Cake Fuzzer!

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What is Cake Fuzzer?

Cake Fuzzer is a cutting-edge project designed to automate the continuous discovery of vulnerabilities in web applications developed using specific frameworks. Our revolutionary approach minimizes false positives, ensuring reliable results. Currently, our focus is on supporting the Cake PHP framework, but soon, it will also be available to other web application frameworks.

Traditional methods for vulnerability discovery in web applications include:

  1. Static Application Security Testing (SAST): This method scans the source code for vulnerabilities without executing the application.
  2. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): This method involves attacking the running application to identify vulnerabilities based on responses.

However, both approaches have their drawbacks. SAST often produces a high number of false positives, while DAST may miss vulnerabilities due to limited information. Moreover, DAST requires application knowledge and security expertise to configure properly.

Cake Fuzzer aims to overcome these limitations by combining the strengths of both methods. Our unique approach, called Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST), achieves the following objectives:

  1. Automated vulnerability discovery for CakePHP-based applications.
  2. Elimination of application-specific knowledge or pre-configuration requirements.
  3. Minimal or zero false positives in the results.
  4. User-friendly scanner that requires only basic security knowledge.

It’s important to note that Cake Fuzzer may not detect certain types of vulnerability classes, such as business logic vulnerabilities and access control issues. However, by leveraging the power of IAST, our tool maximises its effectiveness.

How does Cake Fuzzer work? It employs a predefined set of attacks that are randomly modified before execution. Leveraging its deep understanding of the Cake PHP framework, Cake Fuzzer launches attacks on all potential application entry points.

During the attack, Cake Fuzzer diligently monitors various aspects, including:

  • Network connections
  • File system interactions
  • Application responses
  • Error logs

By analyzing these sources of information, Cake Fuzzer detects vulnerabilities more effectively and with higher confidence.

Choose Cake Fuzzer for comprehensive and accurate vulnerability discovery without the hassle of false positives. Empower your web applications with robust security, effortlessly.

More information here: Cake Fuzzer repository.  

Cake Fuzzer advantages
// CAKE FUZZER Advantages

How Cake Fuzzer helps secure your web application?

  1. Automation: Cake Fuzzer automates the process of testing web applications for security vulnerabilities, which saves time and effort compared to manual testing.
  2. Wide range of vulnerabilities: Cake Fuzzer can detect a wide range of vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and command injection.
  3. Open source: As an open-source tool, Cake Fuzzer is freely available for anyone to use and modify, making it a cost-effective solution for web application security testing.
  4. CakePHP-specific: Cake Fuzzer is designed specifically for web applications built with the CakePHP framework, making it a highly specialized tool that can detect vulnerabilities specific to this framework. For other frameworks, sit tight just a little bit more!
  5. Customization: Cake Fuzzer can be customized to suit the specific needs of a project, including scanning just for specific vulnerabilities as well as specific paths.
  6. Power of Details: Cake Fuzzer could even find vulnerabilities that were missed by experienced penetration testers. 

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