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Web Application Security Testing
authentication bypass vulnerability

CakePHP Application Cybersecurity Research – Forgotten Endpoint: Authentication bypass with /open prefix

Web applications are often the first target for attackers due to the vast amount of sensitive information they contain. Ensuring the security of these applications is crucial to protect both users and businesses from potential cyber threats. One of the most effective ways to identify vulnerabilities in web applications is through web application penetration testing. […]

Web Application Security Testing
open source vulnerability scanner

CakePHP Application Cybersecurity Research – Be Careful with Reflections For Your Web Application Security

Web application security is a critical aspect of maintaining secure and reliable online services. One of the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities in web applications is reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). This article will explore this vulnerability, a real-life example reflected XSS Dawid found in Cerebrate, its impact, and how to protect your site from this threat. […]

Web Application Security Testing
sql injection test

CakePHP Application Cybersecurity Research – Hiding in Plain Sight: The Hidden Danger of SQL Injection in Input Field Names

In this article you will find: Web applications have become an integral part of modern-day businesses, and with the increase in their usage, web security has become a significant concern. Among the various security threats, SQL injection is a severe vulnerability that can lead to the exposure of sensitive data and even the compromise of […]

Web Application Security Testing
vulnerability scanning

CakePHP Application Cybersecurity Research – Bypassing security mechanisms in CakePHP vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning of CakePHP Applications If you want to perform vulnerability scanning of your CakePHP-based web application, you have to make sure to correctly configure your scanner. Otherwise, it won’t be effective and you will get a false sense of security because it won’t find web application vulnerabilities. For a CakePHP-based web application, it may […]

Web Application Security Testing
web application vulnerabilities

Better Late Than Never – Securing Your Web App in the Production Phase

Securing a web application already in production can seem daunting for organizations. However, it’s still possible to apply security measures while it’s in the critical production phase of the software development process, just before it is launched. Ideally, organizations should secure an application from the beginning and throughout each stage of the Secure Software Development […]

Web Application Security Testing
stored xss

Web Administration Gone Wrong: How User Passwords Can be Compromised

Introduction According to this paper, %65 of web applications suffer from cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. I am going to explain the Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability I found in an open-source project in this article. The main causes of stored cross-site scripting (stored XSS) vulnerabilities in web applications are neglect to implement security measures at the […]