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Web Application Security Testing
types of penetration testing

Black-box vs. Grey-box vs. White-box: Which Penetration Test Is Right for You?

You need to know if your company’s security controls and defenses can withstand a real cyber attack. Penetration testing is how you find out, but with three main types, black-box, grey-box, and white-box, how do you choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Penetration tests can sound intimidating, but it’s one of the best ways […]

Web Application Security Testing
canary tokens best practices for startups

Cybersecurity for startups – deploy canary tokens

Preparing for a security breach is critical for your startup, especially when detecting response tools are not always sufficient in identifying who intruded your systems and how it happened. Sometimes, threat actors can move laterally throughout your system for several months or even years while remaining undetected. To avoid this, your startup can utilize canary […]

Web Application Security Testing
secure containerization best practices for startups

Cybersecurity for startups – service containerization

Containerization mitigates cybersecurity risks at your startup, like attacks and vulnerabilities, that remain even after implementing several security measures. For example, it limits the impact of command injection and post-exploitation attacks, such as privilege escalation or persistence. It also allows any software to run in a restrictive sandboxed environment, which isolates and executes untested or […]

Web Application Security Testing
good hackers

Cybersecurity for startups – recruit the good hackers

Recruiting good hackers who can test your startup’s technologies for hidden vulnerabilities is essential to ensure your startup has a solid security posture because implementing multiple security measures is not enough. These “good hackers” who are also known as ethical hackers emulate a malicious actor’s adversarial behaviors and search for weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your […]

Web Application Security Testing
data protection solutions

Cybersecurity for startups – backup user data and source code

Data backups are indispensable for a business continuity, disaster recovery, and incident response plan for cybersecurity for startups during disasters (e.g., fire and hurricane), human errors, and attacks such as ransomware. It is critical for startups to secure their data and ensure that sensitive data does not become lost by following best practices for data […]

Web Application Security Testing
patch management process

Cybersecurity for startups – apply security patches

Patching security vulnerabilities in software and releasing software updates routinely can be challenging, but they are imperative to maintain cybersecurity for startups. Security patches fix coding mistakes or errors that can make software vulnerable to exploitation by malicious actors. Patching vulnerabilities found in software, operating systems, and embedded systems will enhance a startup’s security posture. […]

Web Application Security Testing
http security headers

Cybersecurity for startups – enable HTTP security headers

Startups can secure their websites by hardening their web applications with client-side security like HTTP security headers to improve their resilience against many common web attacks. These common web attacks include cross-site scripting (XSS), man-in-the-middle, clickjacking, and many others. Security headers can prevent these attacks by providing web browsers with instructions, better known as directives, […]

Web Application Security Testing
edge security best practices for startups

Cybersecurity for startups – configure an edge security service

A security service edge (SSE), also known as SSE security or edge security, can bolster cybersecurity for startups by strengthening their defenses from cyber threats with its core services that follow the Zero Trust framework. An SSE is a product stack of components that serve as the security aspect of a secure access service edge […]

Web Application Security Testing
software development for startups

Cybersecurity for startups – develop with modern frameworks

Writing secure code is challenging, especially when there is hardly any guidance for developers, especially new ones, on how to code securely. It is evident when many Computer Science programs at universities do not offer a course on application security or secure coding practices, which explains why many developers have to “figure it out” and […]

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