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Network Penetration Testing Benefits

Real vulnerabilities
Real vulnerabilities

Network penetration testing reveals real vulnerabilities that can be exploited by adversaries. Penetration testers try to exploit every vulnerability so the customer receives a report with real impact and severity.


Penetration testing results in 0 false-positives. You receive information about identified vulnerabilities without any noise of non-related or false-vulnerabilities.

network penetration testing
Clean results
Clean results

Network penetration testing results in a manually created report that is tailored to your environment and helps you mitigate real risks. The report contains only necessary and required information.

Increased security
Increased security

Applied recommendations help significantly increase the level of security in your network.

network security testing
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Network Penetration Testing

We test the security of your network to check its resilience against unauthorised access attempts. In the first stage, we use scanning and attempt to bypass security using specialised tools. To that end, we use exploits that use various software vulnerabilities and configuration errors. Thanks to these, we can identify vulnerabilities and issues in your network that can potentially be used by criminals. 

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